“There must be something innate about maps, about this one specific way of picturing our world and our relation to it, that charms us, calls to us….” When I was young I loved drawing fictitious maps. I would spend hours outlining a country, adding cities, provinces, rivers, and lakes. The majority were political maps, though I’m sure I created a few physical ones. I enjoyed … Continue reading Maps

Jane’s Walk: Regina Crescents

It is once again time to explore our local neighbourhoods as a memorial to Jane Jacobs. Jacobs was an urban activist in New York City and Toronto. For more information on her views visit this post. The Crescents neighbourhood is located in central Regina southwest of downtown. It is a small residential area bordered by College Avenue and Wascana Creek (north/south) and Elphinstone and Albert … Continue reading Jane’s Walk: Regina Crescents

Horizon, Saskatchewan

Farmers settled in the Horizon area in 1907. It became a hamlet in 1912 when the Canadian Pacific Railway laid track from Weyburn. A post office was established late that year. In 1913 a small portable railway station served the residents. This was replaced with a standard western line station in 1919. When its population reached fifty-nine in 1917, Horizon was upgraded to village status. … Continue reading Horizon, Saskatchewan

Nature and Time Outside

I love exercising outdoors throughout the entire year. Snowshoeing, walking, hiking, and cycling are my favourite forms of fitness. However, the physical aspect of my workouts is only one reason why I participate. Outside time affords many benefits: improved motivation and sleep, better immune function, enhanced focus and creativity, boosts in mood and emotional well-being. Furthermore, it provides a disconnect from technology and an association … Continue reading Nature and Time Outside

January Jaunts

This January delivered us mild temperatures and beautiful frost. Trees have been covered in rime frost many days this month. Daily temperature highs were four to six degrees above normal, averaging around -7 Celsius. Prior to this weekend, the lowest temperature only hit -21 Celsius. Consequently there have been many opportunities and no excuses for winter exercise. I ventured out several times, accumulating over 80 … Continue reading January Jaunts

2023 Reading List

Another year and a new book list! This year I am categorizing my selections. The number in parentheses is the minimum I will read from that genre this year. I will leave two choices open for either any section or new books I discover. There are twenty-four books in my collection and I aim to read eighteen books in 2023. Classic (2) Indigenous (1) Fiction … Continue reading 2023 Reading List

2022 Goals Revisited

Physical Goals Hike 175 kilometres with an average elevation gain of 300 metres 176.78 kilometres 258.50 metres average elevation gain Walk 300 kilometres – reached November 24th, new goal 330 km 333.26 kilometres Snowshoe 50 kilometres 50.91 kilometres Bike 1,200 kilometres – reached September 21st, new goal 1,224 km 1,274.14 kilometres If a goal is reached early I will add 2% per remaining week to … Continue reading 2022 Goals Revisited