2022 Goals

Physical Goals Hike 175 kilometres with an average elevation gain of 300 metres Walk 300 kilometres Snowshoe 50 kilometres Bike 1,200 kilometres If a goal is reached early I will add 2% per remaining week to that activity. Health Goals Maintain a consistent sleep schedule with a minimum of eight hours each night. Lose 15 pounds Read Daily Enlightenments: 365 Days of Spiritual Reflection Travel … Continue reading 2022 Goals

2022 Reading List

My favorite time of the year; selecting new books to read! I enjoy my reading setup as it allows me to advance seamlessly onto the next book. I diversify my reading list by including books in the following categories: Classic Indigenous Nonfiction – history, nature, education, war, science Juvenile/Young Adult Fantasy Biography/Memoir Horror Fiction Every year I come across a book to add to my … Continue reading 2022 Reading List

2021 Goals Revisited

Physical/Health Goals ♥ Bike – 1,200 kilometres  1,267.66 kilometres ♥ Snowshoe – 50 kilometres  52.47 kilometres ♥ Hike – 175 kilometres  178 kilometres ♥ Walk – 250 kilometres  265.25 kilometres × Sleep – Maintain a consistent sleep schedule with 8 or more hours every night Intellectual Goals ♥ Blog – at least 25 posts – 25 posts ♥ Read at least 15 books – My reading list … Continue reading 2021 Goals Revisited

Top Five Reads of 2021

My top rated books of this year are: An interesting take on the apocalypse from an Aboriginal perspective. I feel there was more potential; some themes and plot lines could have been expanded. Nonetheless I did appreciate this book. Somewhat predictable, but a good read about what matters most in life. Frankenstein was surprisingly entertaining for me. It was suspenseful and engaging. Forget every reference … Continue reading Top Five Reads of 2021

Write for Rights 2021

Amnesty International’s annual December 10th Write for Rights event is fast approaching. Every year thousands of groups and individuals write letters to governments demanding justice. They may seek the release of prisoners of conscience, advocate refugee and migrant rights, urge legislative changes, or request protection for human rights defenders. Ten prominent human right cases are featured by Amnesty International each December. This year’s actions can … Continue reading Write for Rights 2021


Last month Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi passed away. He was a professor, author, and founder of the Quality of Life Research Center. Dr. Csikszentmihalyi is best remembered for his research on happiness, positive psychology, and naming the concept of “flow”. Flow is best described as “a state of consciousness when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish … Continue reading Flow

Travel Bucket List – Saskatchewan

This is the last post in my travel bucket series. My top places still to visit in my home province follow: Candle Lake Provincial Park Great Sand Hills Grey Owl’s Cabin Manitou Beach Ness Creek Music Festival Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary/Wildlife Area Lac La Longe Provincial Park Ghost Towns Robertson Falls Hudson Bay Area – Wildcat Hill and Porcupine Hills Provincial Parks Continue reading Travel Bucket List – Saskatchewan