Write for Rights 2022

Write for Rights is just a week away. Each year Amnesty International members and friends affect change by emailing, writing, signing petitions, and lobbying governments for justice. This year there are thirteen individuals being highlighted around the world. The cases can be found here. Since 2011 over a million actions per year have been taken. In recent years the tally has been far more. Here … Continue reading Write for Rights 2022

109th Grey Cup

The 109th Grey Cup will feature the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Toronto Argonauts. Let’s see how the teams compare: The Argonauts were second in average passing yards at 279.3 per game. Their run game was not as strong at 81.7 yards, last in the league. Winnipeg was fifth in passing at 267.6 yards each game. They finished second best in rushing at 113.5 yards … Continue reading 109th Grey Cup

Horror Movie Wrap Up #4

This October I watched nine horror movies. I saw several classics which did not disappoint. Movies covered six decades from 1974 and on. Genres included body horror, survival, slasher, vampire, supernatural, urban legend, and psychological. My favourites were Candyman, Let the Right One In, The Fly, Hatching, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I disliked the film adaptation of Bird Box. The book is far better! … Continue reading Horror Movie Wrap Up #4

Happy Birthday Alfie Kohn!

Alfie Kohn turns 64 today. Kohn is an educational lecturer and author. He frequently challenges theories and practices on rewards, grades, homework, and conventional schooling. Here are some of my favourite quotes from two of his books. “When we repeatedly promise rewards to children for acting responsibly, or to students for making an effort to learn something new, or to employees for doing quality work, … Continue reading Happy Birthday Alfie Kohn!

Frankslake, Saskatchewan

The community of Frankslake, originally known as Frank’s Lake, was named for an early homesteader and the nearby lake of the same name. The first European settlers came after 1882, notably in the 1890s. Many were Germans from Galicia, Romania, and Russia. The first colony, New Tulcea, was located a few miles northeast of Frankslake. Grand Trunk Pacific constructed a railroad through the village in … Continue reading Frankslake, Saskatchewan

Fall at the Wright House

On a country road trip last fall, I revisited the Wright House located north of the Qu’Appelle Valley. This is a large two-story, fieldstone dwelling I originally posted on a few years ago. The main floor included a kitchen, pantry, dining room, bathroom, parlour, and hall. The porch in front was built at the same time as the house on top of which was a … Continue reading Fall at the Wright House