Robsart, Saskatchewan

Settlers first came to the Robsart area between 1909 and 1910. Many were Norwegians arriving via the United States. Wheat farming and ranching were the primary reasons for moving to the area. Robsart is named after Amy Robsart, a character in Sir Walter Scott’s book Kenilworth. The CPR laid track through the area in 1914 and the village was incorporated the same year. Soon after … Continue reading Robsart, Saskatchewan

2019 Goals

Goals for 2019! Travel/Camping This year I am not going on a big travel trip. Instead I am traveling further to camp during the summer.  I plan on venturing out on at least three camping trips. I will visit Prince Albert National Park, Waterton National Park, and one or more provincial parks in Saskatchewan. Diet, sleep, and exercise are vital to a healthy life. I … Continue reading 2019 Goals

Vanishing Sentinels

For information on ghost towns I rely on several sources. One of my more recent supplies of knowledge comes from Jim A. Pearson’s Vanishing Sentinels series. It was only last summer that I discovered his comprehensive books on the grain elevators of Saskatchewan. For Christmas, I received volumes 2 and 3 of his work; the elevators of Western and Eastern Saskatchewan. He had also documented … Continue reading Vanishing Sentinels

2018 Goals Recap

This year I accomplished about half the goals I had committed to: Traveled to Portland and Seattle   4 camping trips – I only went on two camping trips – Riding Mountain National Park and Cypress Hills   Walked 250 kilometres (264.57 kilometres total)   Bike 1,000 kilometres (1,122.06 kilometres total) Mountain biking 65.46 kilometres total   Snowshoe 80 kilometres (60.85 kilometres total)   15 … Continue reading 2018 Goals Recap