Regina versus Calgary

For years people have debated which city was better to live and work in – Regina or Calgary. Having spent five weeks in Calgary recently I am posting what I enjoy best about each city.


1. Calgary has hundreds of kilometres of walking and biking paths.

2. There are obviously more art galleries and museums; however with more diversity.

3. Calgary has an abundance of specialized stores. My favorites included used cd and book stores, toy stores, liquor stores, and Eco-stores.  

4. Calgary has many annual festivals to attend. Some examples include Sun and Salsa Fest, International Reggae Festival, Afikadey, International Blues Festival, Sunfest, and Baconfest??


1. Slower pace of life. Calgarians always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere. This is probably the result of  fast-paced jobs and traffic.

2. Regina is close to several parks and campgrounds. Within an hour I could be relaxing at Regina Beach, Rowan’s Ravine, Katepwa Beach, Echo Provincial Park, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, or Dunnet Regional Park in Avonlea.

3. Far less commuting time! I didn’t find traffic itself that bad. What concerned me was the amount of time you lose each day commuting. Fuel and parking costs add up quickly. My drive was relatively simple as I was driving away from the downtown core; but it was still a thirty minute drive.

4. Sense of community. Having a smaller population means you are more likely to feel a part of your city and run into people you know.

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