99th Grey Cup

The BC Lions and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will meet Sunday for the 99th Grey Cup. Both teams deserve to be a part of this game. Let’s see which team has the skills to bring home the Cup!

On offence Winnipeg QB Buck Pierce has completed 63.5% of his passes for 14 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Travis Lulay has a completion rate of 58.7%, 32 touchdowns, and eleven interceptions. Winnipeg is 7th in the league in yards passing per game with 249.7. BC averaged 282.8 yards passing per game – 2nd in the league.  The Blue Bombers rushed an average of 110.4 yards/game – fourth best in the league, while BC was sixth with 99.7 yards.

Winnipeg has the best pass defense in the league allowing only 223.1 yards a game. BC was second at 249.1 yards. The two teams were also very strong against the rush. Winnipeg held opponents to an average of 101.2 yards, 3rd in the league. BC was second with 95.9 yards. The teams were similar in giveaway/takeaways.  Winnipeg was +12 (2nd) and BC was +10 (3rd). Winnipeg led the league in interceptions (25) and quarterback sacks (55). However, Winnipeg is tied for most quarterbacks sacks allowed with 46 whereas BC has a league low 29 sacks. Finally Winnipeg is the most penalized team with 191 while BC is the least with 127.

On special teams, Winnipeg’s kicker Justin Palardy connected on 76.9% of his field goals. BC’s Paul McCallum set a CFL record with only three missed field goals – a spectacular 94.3% completion rate.

There are a number of other variables heading into Sunday’s game. BC has won twelve of its last fourteen games. BC’s Geroy Simon has accumulated 1,350 receiving yards – second in the league. Winnipeg’s DB Jovon Johnson is league’s interception leader with 8 and two touchdowns. Blue Bombers’ DE Odell Willis is tied for first with 13 quarterback sacks.

This should be a very entertaining Grey Cup game. I can’t wait!

Grey Cup prediction: BC Lions 27  Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23

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