Permits for Truck Ownership?

Here on the prairies there is an abundance of trucks on the roads. I have often questioned why people who choose trucks think they need a truck as a form of transportation.  Now I understand that given our economy some people may need a truck for their job or perhaps for their lifestyle. However I feel that 30%+ of truck ownership could easily be eliminated.  I believe there should be an application process. People would have to meet certain criteria before they are allowed to purchase a truck. Now you are probably wondering why this adamant approach. Here are my top eight arguments for my position:

1. Trucks consume more fuel. A car averages 29.8 mpg while a truck averages 18 mpg. (Based on the top five best selling cars and trucks and combined for city and highway driving). I would also add that diesel trucks average higher winter warm up times than other vehicles adding to the problem.

2. Additional trucks also means increased weight and wear on our roads and highways.  This creates greater costs for infrastructure maintanence.

3. Increased noise pollution. Car traffic creates noise of 65 decibels while truck traffic increases noise by seventeen percent to 76 decibels. Noise pollution affects our mental and physical health and sleep patterns.

4. Congestion of parking lots. Most parking lots and stalls were not designed to accommodate an abundance of large half ton trucks. Average commercial parking spaces are 8.5 feet wide and 17.5 feet long. The five top selling trucks have an average width of 6.6 feet and an average length of 17.7 feet.

5. Safety. It is more difficult to see over and around trucks either when they are parked or in traffic.

6. It takes more material to manufacture a truck than a car and trucks keep getting needlessly larger. 

7. The full functionality of trucks is only occassionally met. Many trucks are seldom used for hauling and towing which are two of its main features.

8. Trucks transport less people. Extended and crew cab trucks may have additional passengers seats, but used only infrequently.

3 thoughts on “Permits for Truck Ownership?

  1. I found your data interesting but considerably inaccurate. Thou shalt not lump all “trucks” into the same group.
    1. My truck, 2004 Silverado, gets 27 mpg, and it’s a V-8.
    2. Many trucks are lighter than most SUVs, which outnumber trucks on the roads.
    3. My truck is quieter than most vehicles on the road, especially the ones with radios blarring.
    4. I will give you #4.
    5. Mine is easier to see over/around than most SUVs which I have trouble seeing over when I’m in my truck.
    6. Nope, go back to the SUV which outnumbers regular cars.
    7. This is where you may need to differentiate between city and rural owners.
    8. OK. You got me there.
    Nice kibitzing with you. I still like your article.

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