The Vices of Our Generation

In our modern society people use money and technology to save time and simplify their lives. Through these means we are able to easily acquire our needs and wants.

Let’s take a look at few examples with money. If I don’t want to cook I can pay someone to do it for me. If I don’t feel like cleaning my house I can pay people to do it for me. If I don’t want to look after my children I can pay somone else to. I can park wherever I desire or drive as fast as i wish if I’m willing to pay the penalty. Money can be used to obtain or avoid anything.

A similar arguement can be made about technology. We use smart phones, car starters, appliances, and computers  to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Does anyone remember phone numbers anymore?  Do we run out every winter morning to start our vehicles? No, because technology makes life easier by doing it for us.  

Now I’m not suggesting that you are a terrible person if you eat out or are employed full time and need childcare. I am just advicing caution because too much paying off will deprive us of experience, work, and life. Too much time away from our children denies us the experience of their growth. By eating out regularly we miss opportunities to discover and share new recipes and tastes. Constant dependency on technology weakens our memory skills, motivation, and willpower. We must think hard about our priorities and exercise moderation when it comes to money and technology. Alternatively, our minds and bodies atrophy and we will end up going through life without really living.

“Torpid man saves time and money in this civilization; but his soul remains defrauded and oppressed.”

Maria Montessori

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