Galilee, Saskatchewan

I visited Galilee in early August. The only remaining remanants of the village are the school and an old garage. Galilee was first settled in 1913 when a post office was established. The railroad (1913), stores, a blacksmith shop, and elevators (1914) quickly followed. Sugar Loaf School was built the same year and opened in 1915. Church services were held in the school until the 1960s. The population of Galilee peaked in the mid 1920s and by 1938 people were moving away. The school closed in 1956 and the elevator was demolished in 1960.

8 thoughts on “Galilee, Saskatchewan

  1. My first few years of school were in Bishopric, just west of Galilee. Bishopric was a company town, all the buildings were brick. It is all gone except for a pile of sodium sulphate. Expanse, the next town down the railway line, is gone too, but at least there is a plaque saying this used to be the village of Expanse. My uncle owned the general store. Only the school is left.

  2. I was born in Galilee and my parents , Norman Swanson and Matti Garner they ran the the crossing service station and mom was the post master they want to school at sugarloaf and were married there !

  3. The actual location of Galilee was 1 mile south and 1 mile east of where these pictures were taken and today all the remains are a couple of depressions where basements used to be , your picture of the store was last operated by the Hayter family and your picture of the house was last lived in by a bachelor Peter Wells, Sugar Loaf school (which was moved away) was up on the hill just north of the store. Also Norm & Matti operated the service station 1 mile south of where your pictures were taken and were actually married at Peace Lutheran Church in Spring Valley in 1940.

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