Montessori Stories

The students in my class are often humourous; intentionally or not. Here are a few of my favourite experiences over the last few months in my classroom.

  • One of my grade two students asked me to review the geometry worksheet she had just completed. After looking at the sheet I asked her what a “rhombum” was as she had printed it instead of rhombus.
  • Early in the school year, a grade two boy came up to me and said, “Mr. Nathan, I need a diet from the Roman Arch.”  “A diet?” I asked. “Yeah, you know, a break.”
  • A day after introducing atomic structure to my older students, one of the grade three boys asked me, “Where is that work on the neutrons and croutons?”
  • In November we were studying the skeletal system. I had put out worksheets which required students to cut out the names of bones and paste them accordingly on an image of a skeleton. One of the girls found a label on the floor and asked a boy near her, “Diesel, is this your sacrum?” 
  • As part of physical education and health I had the students record their heart rates after rest, walking, and running. One student stated that his heart rate was 19 beats while sitting, 14 after walking, and just 10 beats after running five laps. I asked him how this was possible. His explanation: “When I get tired my heart rate goes down.”

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