Estlin, Saskatchewan

Estlin was founded in 1912 when the Grand Trunk Railway laid a railroad line through the area. However, the first settlers lived just south of the town beginning in the late 1880s. The town peaked in the 1920s. It boasted a school, church, general store, post office, livery, blacksmith, stockyards, lumberyard, tinsmith, cafe, elevators, pool house, slaughter house, and a machinery warehouse. The United Church was constructed in 1906 and moved to Estlin in 1913. I believe services were held until the mid-1980s. During the 1920s, fires destroyed several buildings, most of which were rebuilt. In 1947 the lumberyard was converted into a curling and skating rink. In 1969, the railroad station closed. The school operated from 1926 until the fall of 1973. The town’s population was never greater than 50.

I first visited Estlin in the spring of 2009. I re-toured the hamlet in May of this year. The railroad tracks and ties have since been removed. The playground structures have also been removed. A maintenance shed, which just southeast of the school (to the right in picture #3), was also demolished since my first visit.

Railroad line towards Regina - March 2009

Railroad line towards Regina – March 2009

Railroad bed - May 2013

Railroad bed – May 2013

Estlin School - March 2009

Estlin School – March 2009

Estlin School - May 2013

Estlin School – May 2013

School Maintenance Shed - March 2009

School maintenance shed – March 2009

Estlin Church - May 2013

Estlin United Church – May 2013


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