Bateman, Saskatchewan

Bateman was first settled in 1908 by Jim Bateman and his family. He established a post office in 1911. By the late 1920s Bateman boasted a population of over 300. The town had two churches, a bank, a theatre, four grain elevators, two implement dealers, three grocery stores, restaurants, two gas stations, and a curling rink. The United Church was constructed between 1919 and 1926. Although services are no longer held it is still used for suppers, funerals, and weddings. Stewart School was built in 1921 and hosted grades K-12. Its name was changed to Bateman School in the 1940s. By the late 1960s the high school students were sent to Gravelbourg. In 1996 the school closed and the red brick building was torn down in 2008. In 2000 the last resident left and the provincial government demolished several buildings. The Bateman Historial Museum is still in operation and open upon request.










4 thoughts on “Bateman, Saskatchewan

  1. My mother grew up here. Her original farmhouse still stands to this day. We have visited this beloved town as it holds great memories! I love history!

  2. I spent many holidays in Bateman… My uncle had a hotel/ pool room there. It was a lovely little town…unrecognizable now…there were grocery stores..cafes..station. I always looked forward to going there. I see the ” Lodge ” still stands. Have a photograph of my uncles wedding party on the steps of this bldg.

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