E.F. Schumacher

Thirty-six years ago a brilliant man named Dr. Ernst Friedrich Schumacher died. He was a special economist who stood for environmental and humanitarian causes. His notable books include Good Work, Small is Beautiful, and A Guide for the Perplexed. His innovative ideas included intermediate (or appropriate) technology which suggests that solutions and new technologies should be simple, smaller, cheaper, and non-violent. “Buddhist economics” was another principle he developed. It is an approach to economics which takes human psychology and emotions into consideration. For example, he noted how workers’ compensation makes restitution for physical injuries in the workplace, but not for psychological or emotional sufferings. For more on his work please read my Small is Beautiful book review.

E.F. Schumacher 1911-1977
E.F. Schumacher 1911-1977

“We must thoroughly understand the problem and begin to see the possibility of evolving a new lifestyle, with new methods of production and new patterns of consumption: a lifestyle designed for permanence.”

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