Blustery Blizzard

Blowing-Snow-WebI went for a stroll one evening last week. The wind was howling and snow flew in my face. I could tell by the scarce traffic that most people were hunkered at home preferring to escape the harsh winds.

I myself prefer to be inside on nights like these as well. However, there are several reasons why I believe we should take time to experience such evenings:

It reinforces an appreciation of the home we live in. There is nothing more gratifying than returning home after a challenging winter walk.

Secondly, during parts of my walk when I was sheltered by the wind I could still hear the winds of the storm howling above me. I was small and away from the wind, but could still hear its power. It makes you realize how insignificant we are compared to the energy of the Earth.

Winter weather is nearly always unfavourable. If you make excuses based on the weather we would never get outside in the winter. It is best to dress warm and condition ourselves to whatever the weather brings.

I pride myself on being from Saskatchewan and what that encompasses. Saskatchewanians are robust and determined. We don’t need to blame our weather woes on polar vortices or rodents. We go out and kick ass no matter what the weather is like.

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