Permits for Truck Ownership?


Here on the prairies there is an abundance of trucks on the roads. I have often questioned why people who choose trucks think they need a truck as a form of transportation.  Now I understand that given our economy some people may need a truck for their job or perhaps for their lifestyle. However I feel that 30%+ of truck ownership could easily be eliminated.  I believe there should be an application process. People would have to meet certain criteria before they are allowed to purchase a truck. Now you are probably wondering why this adamant approach. Here are my top eight arguments for my position:

1. Trucks consume more fuel. A car averages 29.8 mpg while a truck averages 18 mpg. (Based on the top five best selling cars and trucks and combined for city and highway driving). I would also add that diesel trucks average higher winter warm up times than other vehicles adding to the problem.

2. Additional trucks also means increased weight…

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One thought on “Permits for Truck Ownership?

  1. I’m betting they could raise the mileage of trucks if they were required to by CAFE standards, negating much of the difference.

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