2014 CFL Season



Football season is here again! It will be a tough year predicting what will happen in the CFL with so many changes. I do not think there will be any teams that dominate the standings. I believe each team will shine, but briefly resulting in mediocrity in terms of the standings. Ottawa has potential to be a competitive team thanks to their expansion draft. Montreal is in transition having lost their veteran quarterback of sixteen years. Saskatchewan’s main rusher and receiver have left to the NFL. Winnipeg finally has a competent quarterback, but will it be enough? These are just some of the story lines of the 2014 season. Without further ado here are my predictions:

West                                                                                                   East

Calgary  11-7                                                                                   Toronto  11-7

Saskatchewan 10-8                                                                         Ottawa 10-8

Winnipeg 10-8                                                                                 Montreal 7-11

BC 9-9                                                                                              Hamilton 6-12

Edmonton 7-11


Saskatchewan/Winnipeg = Saskatchewan                         Ottawa/BC = BC


Calgary/Saskatchewan = Calgary           Toronto/BC = Toronto

102nd Grey Cup

Calgary/Toronto = Toronto





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