Dummer, Saskatchewan

Dummer is named after a township in Peterborough county in Ontario. Settlers arrived in the area around 1903 – 1904. The first post office was built six miles east in 1905. In 1912 a post office was constructed in Dummer. From 1911 to 1913 many businesses opened. Three elevators were built as the railroad came through town in 1911. One burnt in 1924 and was replaced, another was demolished in 1937 or 1938. In 1956 a fire destroyed one of the elevators. The school was erected in 1912. 1913 saw the construction of a Presbyterian Church and a bank. By 1913 Dummer had a drug store, a hotel, two general stores, a lumber yard, a livery, a blacksmith, and a butcher. Dummer’s peak population was 243 in 1916. The 1930s were hard on the town as were drought and armyworms. In 1958 the school closed and became the town’s rec hall. The Presbyterian Church (later a United Church) closed in 1970. The last elevator fell in 1987. Its population was 80 in 1928, 23 in 1966, and 7 in 1982. The last two residents left Dummer in 1993.









8 thoughts on “Dummer, Saskatchewan

  1. great photographs, love the old trucks in the high grass. Another Canadian blogger, yay! I was born in Melville.
    thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will explore more, and share your impressions.

  2. You put a lot of information into a compact page. I am generally not a fan of small fonts and low-contrast text colors, but reading your blog was worth the effort.

  3. Thank you for these pictures. My father grew up in this little town and always told me so many stories about his life there.

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