Love + Fury

A few weeks ago I received the news that one of my favourite bands of all time, the Headstones, were coming to Regina. Not only had the Headstones recently reunited and it was the first time I would see them in twelve years; they decided to perform on my birthday!

After a few beers and food at a local restaurant we headed to the Agribition building where parking was non-existent thanks to a WHL game. We made our way to the beer line and deliberated over the menu – Coors Light was only beer to choose from. After purchasing our $6 water we visited the merch table where the Headstones had three shirts for sale (slightly better selection than the beer), with most sizes sold out.

IMG_0145The Lazys hit the stage around 8:30. These kids from Sydney, Australia play some great old school hard rock. With elements of Skid Row, AC/DC, and they got the crowd electrified and ready for a grand night. One Bad Son was the next opening act at 9:30. Hailing from Saskatoon, the band had some fans in the crowd. A couple songs seemed influenced by Rage Against the Machine, but mostly they play alternative rock. I preferred The Lazys’ 90s rock style of music.

As the roadies prepped for the Headstones we moved closer to the stage. The slowest time is the minutes before the headliner comes on. Finally at 10:30 Tim, Hugh, Trent, and Dale made their way to the stage. Bursting out into Losing Control the anxious crowd went nuts. A mosh pit formed just in front of us. After When Something Stands for Nothing, Dillon threw his harmonica into the crowd just a few feet to my left (darn!) I was surprised when Tweeter and the Monkey Man was played just a few songs into the set. When Three Angels, a slow, melancholy song about death came on, the moshers were still at it. Weird. IMG_0152

True to Dillon’s style songs were occasionally interrupted with classic rock songs such as Sympathy for the Devil, Peace Frog, and Eve of Destruction. Half way through the show Hugh gave the crowd a gift. The gift was the song F*ck You which the concert goers could use as necessary. “You can sing it, play it on your Ipod, just blast it to anyone being as a**hole. The band covered songs from all seven of their albums, not even caring to promote their newest Love + Fury. During the encore Dillon introduced SOS, “This song is from our new album, which we don’t give a f*ck if you buy.”

After the performance, my friend Rene showed me an email he had sent to the Headstones. He requested that they give a shout out wishing me a happy birthday! Obviously it didn’t happen, the promoter’s reply said it would be no guarantee, but I appreciated the effort from Rene!

IMG_0156This Headstones performance lived up to my standard. It had it all – amazing, high energy rock music, swearing, spitting – all vintage Headstones. Hugh was loud and in your face. Part of me missed the classic persona of high, chain smoking Dillon, but it wouldn’t be fair to ask Dillon to relapse just for the benefit of his fans.



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