Advanced Practical Life – Grinding Cinnamon

About two months ago I put out new advanced practical life work for my class. It involved grinding cinnamon using a mortar and pestle. This coincided with the telling of the Third Great Lesson – The Coming of Humans. In this narrative children learn how early humans prepared ingredients and food using mortar and pestles.

Students took a half a stick of cinnamon, crushed, and grinded it using the pestle. The children soon become aware of how much time and effort was needed to produce ground cinnamon.

IMG_0286After sometime, I replaced the mortar and pestle with a grater so students could experience a different strategy of grinding the cinnamon.

IMG_0289Once we had accumulated enough cinnamon, I provided apples so children could practice slicing apples. Having cut the apples the students then sprinkled cinnamon on the slices using a strainer. The child then served the cinnamon apple slices to his/her peers.



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