Candiac, Saskatchewan

The Candiac area was first settled by the Scottish in 1885. Some French families followed in 1893. Around 1896 Poles and Ukrainians made the area their home. The Canadian Northern Railway was built in 1908. The next year a post office was established. The Polish hoped the hamlet would be called Sobieski, but the name Candiac was chosen instead. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church was first built in 1908. In 1921 a new church was built in town which was destroyed by fire in 1942. The current church dates from 1948. Candiac had at least two grain elevators and two schools. Its peak population was close to 100 in the late 1960s. Railway Avenue is an outdoor museum displaying about ten threshing machines and various outdated farm implements.












8 thoughts on “Candiac, Saskatchewan

  1. Great photos and I love that you are recording history, there would many stories to be told through those buildings.

  2. My Grandfather lived and assisted in the building of Candiac .. intact I think the house in your photo is my where my father grew up and I visited during my childhood years.

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