Pasqua, Saskatchewan

Pasqua comes from the Cree word “paskwaw” meaning prairie. The Canadian Pacific Railway was built in 1893 through Pasqua, the same time a post office was established in the area. In 1903 a train station was built. At least one elevator operated in Pasqua, built around 1933-4. It was demolished some time between 1975 and 1995. In 1969 the post office closed. The existing train station is thought to have been moved to the hamlet from Truax.







2 thoughts on “Pasqua, Saskatchewan

  1. The current station at Pasqua is definitely the former Canadian Northern Railway station built in Truax in 1912. I took photos of the move, which occurred in late Dec. 1976. My photos show it lifted off its foundation, with the Sask Wheat Pool elevator in the background; and then loaded on a flat bed and being driven out of town. Glad it was relocated to Pasqua; only wish someone would now fix it up . If you are interested in adding these two images, let me know where to send them.

    Cheers, FRANK

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