103rd Grey Cup


The Edmonton Eskimos will face the Ottawa Redblacks in the 103rd Grey Cup. Let’s see how the teams compare.

The two teams are similar statistically. On offense Edmonton ranked 3rd in passing with 273.6 yards per Grey-Cup-2015 game. Edmonton was also third rushing the ball at 105.4 yards. They were third in the turnover battle at +6. Ottawa finished first passing the ball an average of 322.6 yards. They were fifth in rushing with 85.3 yards per game. Ottawa was 4th in giveaways/takeaways with +5. Mike Reilly has completed 65% of his passes for 2,449 yards for an efficiency rating of 89.8. His touchdown to interception ratio is 15:10. Reilly missed ten weeks of the regular season due to a knee injury but has won nine consecutive games since his return. Henry Burris has been on a roll this season. He has a completion rate of 70.9%, nearly 5,700 yards 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. His rating is 101.

On defense Edmonton is first against the pass at 245.2 yards a game. They are also first in defending the run 70.8 yards. Edmonton was fifth in the league in sacks allowed at 47. They were third in sacks made with 49. Edmonton had 193 penalties, second lowest in the league. Ottawa is close behind with 252 yards passing against them per game (4th in the league) and 76.7 yards rushing (2nd in the league). Ottawa had 43 sacks against them (4th) and a league-leading 62 sacks made. Ottawa was 6th in penalties at 219.

Edmonton kickers completed 90.8% of their field goals attempts. Ottawa’s kickers were successful on 88.7% of their attempts.

Edmonton won both match ups against Ottawa this season. Edmonton has been in the Grey Cup game 22 times and won 13 of those times. The Ottawa Redblacks have never played in the Grey Cup, but Ottawa teams have made it fifteen timOttawa+Redblacks+v+Edmonton+Eskimos+B9NECrgQ_iXles winning 9 of those times. Ottawa based teams have faced Edmonton in the Grey Cup three times with a record of 2-1.

Another exciting Grey Cup is set for this Sunday!

Grey Cup Prediction:

Edmonton 32 Ottawa 28


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