SK to SK

This spring break I had the opportunity to travel to St. Kitts and Nevis. Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the trip!

One morning we took an island shuttle tour stopping at the beautiful Brimstone Hill Fortress. The British started construction in 1690 and work continued over several decades. The French captured it in 1782, only to return it via a treaty the following year. From the fortress tourists can see miles along the coastline and St. Eustatius to the northwest. We spent about 45 minutes exploring and photographing the area.

IMG_0264 copy

On several occasions we toured around Basseterre checking out the local culture, architecture, and history. The locals are hospitable and easy going. There are also many neat landmarks to see. These include churches, Independence Square, the museum, and The Circus. Note: The best night to be in town is Friday when the locals are getting their party on!


Greg (from Greg’s Safari) took us out near the village of Phillips for a rainforest hike. During the hike Greg identified many plants and their behaviours. We saw traveler’s palm trees, royal palms, pineapple plants, banana, and mango trees. Unfortunately we didn’t see many animals besides birds.


Although we visited three beaches (Pinney’s, Friar’s Bay), Frigate Bay was my favorite. The water was calm, warm, and clear. The sand was soft. Frigate Bay has many restaurants along the beach. We ate at Patsy’s and were not disappointed with their ribs!


The views of the southeastern peninsula from Timothy Hill are spectacular!


The two questions I’m asked the most are would you return and would you recommend the islands to a friend. Yes I would visit St. Kitts and Nevis again. On my next trip I would rent a car, at least for a couple days, as taxi rides add up fast. I would also spend a day exploring Nevis and going on a catamaran or sailboat cruise.

My recommendation would be based on the type of traveler you are. If you are looking for all-inclusive resorts, an abundance of beaches, and little hassle (planning-wise), this probably not the place for you. You come to St. Kitts for the culture, island experience, people, and history.


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