Douglas Sand Dunes

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The Douglas Sand Dunes were on my Saskatchewan must see list for some time. When we began our hike storm clouds were moving to the north and east around us. A park interpreter lead us and five others through the Dunes trail. It is about 3km one way and the most direct route to the dunes. Along the way the interpreter stopped to point out some of the flora: creeping juniper, prickly pear and pin cushion cacti, and wolf willow. She also discussed the history of the area. The Dune Trail itself was a great hike with changing scenery and short rolling hills.

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Once at the dunes we explored and took many pictures. As we were the storm had settled over highway 11 near Davidson over 10km away. We witnessed a tornado rotating and very briefly touching down. We spent a good thirty minutes on the dunes before heading back. Although labeled as a full moon hike, it was too cloudy that night to see moon rise.

IMG_0159 copy

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IMG_0143 copy

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Allow yourself 2 hours minimum to take in the dunes. The trail takes about 40 minutes each way and you’ll want at least another thirty or more at the dunes. Sunset provides excellent photo opportunities on the dunes. There are also the Juniper and Cacti trails to hike.


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