When: April 2017

Trip Duration: 4 1/2 days

Where Did I Stay? We stayed at an Airbnb in Prague 2, not far from the Peace Square. It was a convenient location close to tram lines and the metro. Restaurants and groceries were also nearby.

Best Meal? Venison goulash with potato pancakes at Restaurace U Posty. We were originally going to eat at Mandragora but it was closed. After a walking a couple blocks we happened upon Restaurace U Posty.

Best Site? Prague Castle – We visited St. Vitus Cathedral, the South Tower of the Cathedral, and the Old Royal Palace in about 4 hours. The Cathedral dates from 1344 and features Gothic architecture. It towers over 300 feet. The Castle grounds are extensive and would take a good day to explore all of its buildings and gardens.

Best Kodak moment? Views from South Tower at St. Vitus Cathedral. The walk up the 280 tight concrete spiral stairs are well worth it! You can see for miles!

What Did I Bring Back? Souvenir shot glass and magnet. I collect these items on every trip I take.

Any Surprises? Prague was very busy and touristy everywhere we went. We knew it was a popular destination, but did not expect so many crowds.

What Didn’t You Get to See? We missed out on the Klementinum Baroque library as it was closed. Hoping to make up for it, we went to the Strahov Library. However, we had missed the private tours and it was more expensive than we thought. Vysehrad, Prague’s southern castle, was missed mostly due to the cool, rainy weather.

Tips for Traveling Friends: 1) Plan ahead and make an itinerary! We made the mistake of going to Prague Castle midday Saturday during Easter Break. Needless to say it was very busy. We learned from our mistake and visited Charles Bridge early Sunday morning visit. We also overlooked the fact that most  museums were closed on Mondays.

2) The tram line was right in front of our Airbnb and very loud during the night. When booking a place to stay ensure it is a few blocks from transportation lines.

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