Bekevar Church

I love this church – not many double spire churches in Saskatchewan! The Bekevar community was first settled by Janos Szabo and his family from Botragy, Hungary in 1900. Around 1902 he coined the word Bekevar. Beke, in Magyar, means “peace” and when “var” is used as a noun Bekevar means “Fortress of Peace”. Szabo suggested the verb “var” and interpreted Bekevar to mean “peace awaits”. The church was built between 1911 and 1912 by six Hungarian settlers from the community and an architect. Prior to its construction church services were held at Kossuth School. The membership was mostly Calvinists, however Reverend Kovacsi did initiate a spiritist movement in 1907. This movement believed in faith healing and possible communication with the dead. The church is the only remaining structure of the village of Bekevar. It features Gothic-Revival style architecture with double spires and pointed-arch windows. The church also has a large transept, uncommon in Saskatchewan churches. The Great Church in Debrecen, Hungary was its inspiration.


One thought on “Bekevar Church

  1. This is a extremely interesting piece of architecture! I imagine it rising out of the plains of Saskatchewan. It must be a startling sight to the unsuspecting traveler. The vastness of the northern plains must have made bringing in the building materials an arduous task. Lots of planning. How that occurred would be a story in itself. Amazing!

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