Map Game

I purchased ETC’s Map Game about a year ago for my classroom. I must admit I love maps, so my bias influenced my decision to buy. The students like it as well. It allows them to creatively design a continent or island using land and water tiles. The material is versatile and teaches children many concepts such as grids, direction, scale, landforms, and biomes. Another skill my students learn is how to transcribe their map onto a paper grid I provide. The Map Game contains animal figures, grid coordinates, a mini compass, and scale. Here are some pictures of the material and an example of a map copied onto paper.

ETC also sells Question cards as extensions for the Map Game. Thirty cards are included and commands involve tracking direction, following directions, or placing animals in their proper biomes. The more challenging cards ask application questions such as where could the map exist in the world based on biomes.

The students like the Map Game because it is tangible and allows them to be imaginative. I would definitely recommend this material to supplement the Culture area of a Montessori classroom.

One thought on “Map Game

  1. Thanks for posting a review and your experience with ETC’s Map Game. I will look it up more and perhaps introduce it to my own children. My wife and I are map geeks as well!

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