Seattle Harbour Cruise

While in Seattle this spring I went on a boat cruise to capture some photos of the city’s waterfront. I took a seat on the ship’s port side on the open deck. The hour-long cruise was narrated by a local Seattle lady. Traveling northwest, we saw Seattle’s skyline and Space Needle. Further on we saw the Queen Anne district and Smith Cove Waterway. A few lobster ships were docked there during the off season. This is also where cruise ships depart for Alaska in the summer. As we turned south the Olympic Mountains were partially visible in the west.

Heading southeast we passed West Seattle. Steller sea lions were lying around the bay on mooring docks. The ship passed Harbour Island, a man-made island built largely for the shipping industry. Shipbuilding, ship-repair, and containerized cargo-shipping are some of the businesses on the island. Elliot Bay is 600 feet deep which allows these massive cargo ships to come into Seattle. We entered the Duwamish Waterway to view cargo cranes then headed back to dock. Like most Seattle attractions, I felt the cruise overpriced ($33 USD). The line to board is long as they take your picture prior to boarding. This is a typical cash cow offered by companies to buy a photo of yourself with their logo on it. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the narrative, photo opportunities, and the boat ride. I will leave you with a few pictures:

Western Grebes and a gull
Queen Anne neighbourhood
Olympic Mountains


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