Pine Cree Regional Park

On a westward excursion last summer, I stayed a night at Pine Cree Regional Park. Nestled in a coulee fifteen miles northeast of Eastend, this park proves an ideal spot for peaceful camping. The Swift Current Creek flows through the park, accessible from most sites. Tall spruce and pine trees add to the beauty of the campground. This is the place to relax with a book, explore the woods, or enjoy the sounds of the burbling brook.

Pine Cree was initially developed by Everett Baker, a local Saskatchewan Wheat Pool field man, in 1958. His purpose was to allow others opportunities to appreciate nature. The area was originally known as Baker’s coulee or Baker’s park. Baker did not want the park named after him, so in 1970 it became Pine Cree Regional Park.

There are only twenty-seven modest, non-electric sites and reservations are not accepted. I believed we stayed in site 18, which is private and has two or three subtle tiers. There are two sheltered camp kitchens and two playgrounds for families. There are a few trails in the park, however the map was misleading and paths are not well maintained. Hermit’s Cave is another park attraction. A hermit lived there in the 1960s, but most of the cave has been filled in and reinforced.

The campground serves as a base for exploring the southwest. The T. Rex Discovery Centre and Wilkinson Memorial Observatory in Eastend are only fifteen minutes away. A few miles west of Eastend is Jones Peak. Pine Cree is nearly midway between Grasslands National Park (West Block) and Cypress Hills Provincial Park (Centre Block). There are also several ghost towns in this area. On this journey we had stayed a couple nights in Grasslands, stopped over in Pine Cree, and traveled on to Cypress for two more nights of camping.

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