Favourite Books of 2019

I completed my to read list for the year a bit early this year. Here are my favourites books of 2019:

I was a bit apprehensive prior to reading this book. Books discussing challenging issues are often difficult to read. They are taxing on your emotions. Wagamese tackles the affects of residential schools from a different approach. Using a “ficticious” character he weaves in history, discrimination, abuse, aboriginal customs, and more. The finished product is short, readable, engaging, and eye-opening look at the lasting impacts of these horrific schools. I highly recommend it!

Herrman provides tons of sound advice in the areas of health, love, presence, and prosperity in this book. In each chapter there are several reflective exercises. She challenges us to create new routines, slow down, and be honest with ourselves. The majority of people underestimate themselves and what they are capable of.

I knew virtually nothing about John Audubon’s life before I read this book. He lived during a dynamic age where many global events were changing world views and borders. This included slave unrest in the Caribbean, the French Revolution, American expansionism, and the Napoleonic Wars. Audubon’s biography presents a stimulating view of early American life on the frontier. Streshinsky describes Audubon’s passion and dedication to chronicling the birds of the United States.

Huffington divides this book into two parts. The first section outlines the historic views towards sleep, the detriments of sleep deprivation, and the science of sleep. The latter half offers ways to enhance our sleep habits and discusses the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

One thought on “Favourite Books of 2019

  1. That’s a pretty short list…but it does tell a bit about you. The first thing I look at when I visit someone’s house is their book shelves. You can tell a lot about a person by what they read. Yours all look interesting to me.

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