2019 Goals Revisited


This year I am not going on a big travel trip. Instead I am traveling further to camp during the summer.  I plan on venturing out on at least three camping trips. I will visit Prince Albert National Park, Waterton National Park, and one or more provincial parks in Saskatchewan.

July – Prince Albert National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Writing on Stone Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Provincial Park


Walking – 300 kilometres  311.69 km

Biking 1,200 kilometres (bike trails) 1263.02 km 100 kilometres (mountain biking)108.03 km

Hiking – 125 kilometres  125.47 km

Lose 20 pounds

Reading 13 3/4 books  – I am currently finishing off the fifth book in A Song of Fire and Ice.

I will read at least 13 books this year. My reading list can be found here

Photography 12 field trips

To explore more and practice my photography skills I will head out on 12 field trips. Subjects will include ghost towns, summer storms, landscape, snow, birds, sunsets, and more!

March – birding

April – country churches

May – birding

July – Narrows Peninsula Trail, Red Rock Canyon, Bertha Lake trail, Hoodoo trail, Glesnevin, Horizon


October – full moon

November – hoar frost


I will write at least 30 posts for my blog.  30 posts

The 52 Lists Project

I will write a list every week on a pre-determined topic; an idea initiated by Moorea Seal.

Amnesty My goal for 2019 is 50 letters. 50 letters

Stay tuned for my 2020 goals which will be posted by mid-January!

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