Aylesbury, Saskatchewan

Aylesbury was named after Aylesbury Vale in England. H. H. Johnson established a post office in the region on October 1st, 1905. The first elevator was built in 1906 by the Hall Milling Company based out of Lumsden. It changed hands a few times, eventually becoming the property of Parrish and Heimbecker in 1928. It was the first of six elevators in the village. A stone school was constructed in 1909. Aylesbury was incorporated as town in 1910. During this time many businesses were built – bank, hotel, hall, grocery store… In 1927 a two-room, brick school opened in Aylesbury. The original Methodist church built in 1914 burned, but was quickly rebuilt. The new church, pictured below, opened in 1916. St. Augustine’s, an Anglican church, opened the same year.

Aylesbury’s population peaked in 1956 at 180 people. By 1985 its population had declined to 75. Today there are around forty residents. The original school closed in 1957. The Anglican church closed in 1967 and was moved to Sceptre. Students were bussed to Craik in 1970 after the brick school shut its doors. In 1984 the Methodist Church (which had become a United Church) closed its doors. The first post office closed in 1986. Two elevators survived until the 1990s. The first elevator was the last to be demolished in October 2009.

Much thanks to Small Town Saskatchewan for the historical information. With public libraries being closed I have no access to regional history books.



One thought on “Aylesbury, Saskatchewan

  1. Interesting write-up. I am always interested in new-to-me old places in Saskatchewan. I would have been there for several weeks this year had a pandemic not happened.

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