2020 Goals Update

At the half way point of the year I am making some adjustments to my goals. The COVID-19 slow down has actually helped me progress towards my goals save for two.

I am increasing my walking goal from 250 to 300 kilometres.

My new biking goal is 1300 kilometres, up from 1100.

I aim to read 20 books instead of 15.

My trip to Vancouver Island will be postponed to next summer hopefully. As a result, I will head out on 6 Saskatchewan adventures rather than 3.

My current progress:

Walking: 196.41 kilometres 65%

Hiking: 75.67 kilometres 50%

Biking: 585.90 kilometres 45%

Mountain Biking: 31.66 kilometres 32%

Reading: 10/20 books 50%

Blogs: 13/28 46%

Amnesty letters: 20/50 40%

Saskatchewan excursions: 0/6 0%

Down payment: 52%

Reduce screen time: Due to the pandemic I have spent more time online with work.

Draw: I have not been drawing every week!

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