Red Rock Parkway

Last July I visited the great Waterton Lakes National Park. One of the best adventures we embarked on was biking the Red Rock Parkway. The road was open only to pedestrian and bicycle traffic that summer due to the Kenow Fire of 2017. Most tourists walked only to the Bellevue trailhead, so we were virtually alone save a few hikers and ebikers.

The course is a moderate fifteen kilometre ride heading to the canyon. Of course we had plenty of opportunities to take photos and rest. The scenery is amazing – meadows, mountains, flowers, rivers, and waterfalls. Biking late morning we did not see much wildlife. Fire damage was extensive, particularly near Crandell Mountain Campground. (It will not reopen until 2022).

At the end of the road is Red Rock Canyon. It is a long, beautiful chasm with flowing water, pools, and cascades. The hiking loop is only 700 metres. We encountered less than a dozen people while exploring the area. Several were hikers resting before trekking to Banff.

The ride back was spectacular; the route was mostly downhill. My top speed was fifty-three kilometres on my mountain bike. Needless to say, our return ride took us only forty minutes.

My full write-up on the park can be seen here.

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