Fauna of Saskatchewan 25

House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Location: Regina, SK

Interesting facts:

– House sparrows are very aggressive. In the late 1800s, a scientist documented sparrows protecting their nest from seventy varying species including Purple Martins and Eastern Bluebirds.

– This species of sparrow was first imported to Brooklyn in the 1850s. They protected city trees by eating the larva of the snow-white linden moth. In less than fifty years, the house sparrow could be found across the continental United States and much of Canada.

– Its diet consists of seeds, leaves, insects, and nuts. However, it is an opportunistic feeder and will eat any available food. Sparrows can also carry out tasks to obtain food. A couple examples are draining nectar from a flower and triggering an automatic door to a store.

– House sparrows enjoy being near people. They live in cities, suburbs, and farms and rarely in wood or grasslands away from people. Sparrows take advantage of building nooks and crannies to build nests as well as garbage and crumbs as food sources.

– These birds have up to four broods a year with a clutch size of one to eight eggs. The eggs are bluish or greenish white and speckled brown or gray.


One thought on “Fauna of Saskatchewan 25

  1. Being a lover of mosquito-eating tree swallows, I hate these sparrows with a passion. I’ve set up bird houses and had swallow pairs nesting in my yard for several years, but this year sparrows have driven them all away and taken over their nest. In one case they killed the swallow in the nest box and took it over.

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