Top Five Reads of 2020

I am currently reading my twentieth book of the year which was my goal. The books I managed to read were:

Here are my five favourite books of 2020 in no particular order:

I enjoy books were the protagonist is not given special traits or talents. In most novels, there is little question of the main character accomplishing their goal or overcoming their obstacle. I felt like this book was a mystery. There is mystery around Eleanor and the secrets of her past. Furthermore, her social criticisms were amusing and honest.

The Absorbent Mind is Dr. Montessori’s flagship book on the philosophy of her educational system. I review it every few years. Regarding children it discusses the importance of movement, sensitive periods, free choice, and spontaneity. It is insightful, accurate, and revolutionary. This is a valuable resource for parents as well. To read my post on The Absorbent Mind click here.

An excellent read comparing American child-rearing practices to those of Scandinavia. The author focuses on several themes including independence, play, environment, responsible freedom, and connections to nature. There are many Swedish habits, instilled from a young age, which produce healthy, happy, and spirited adults. I discuss more of her ideas in this post.

The fictional story of Mark Brian, a young priest, sent to live in the Kwakwaka’wakw village of Kingcome in British Columbia. Unbeknown to him, Mark is suffering from a terminal illness. In Kingcome he learns the ways of the First Nations and their worries of the outside world.

An incredible read recounting the life of Alexander von Humboldt. Wulf creates a page-turning story of von Humboldt’s expeditions to South America and Russia, his epiphanies along the way, and his progressive publications . “Nature, Humboldt realized, was a web of life and a global force.” The German scientist changed the way we look at nature.

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