2020 Goals Revisited

Physical/Health Goals

X Lose 20 pounds – lost 14 pounds

  Walk  – 300 km 361.48 km

 Hike – 150 km 158.22 km

 Bike – 1300 km  1,477.70 km mountain biking – 100 km 105.64 km

Intellectual Goals

 Read at least 20 books – 20 books – My reading summary can be found here.

 Blog – at least 28 posts – 29 posts

Write at least 50 Amnesty International appeal letters – 51 letters

Travel Goals

X Vancouver Island – trip cancelled due to COVID-19

At least 6 Saskatchewan mini excursions – 6 – Frankslake ghost town trip, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, Fairy Hill/Hidden Valley Nature Refuge

Financial Goals

Save $6,000 more for a down payment on a house. – Saved $6,500

Consult a mortgage broker 

Personal Goals

X Reduce screen time

X Draw  



2 thoughts on “2020 Goals Revisited

  1. Ah. Looks like you’re an overachiever. You just had to make hate myself for not completing all my goals. Not really. Congratulations. Good job.

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