Fauna of Saskatchewan 26

Gray Catbird

Dumetella carolinensis

Location: Wascana Lake, Regina, SK

Interesting facts:

  • Named for their ability to imitate a cat’s “mew”-like sound. Catbirds copy several other birds’ calls as well.


  • Catbirds eat a variety of foods including insects: moths, beetles, ants, and grasshoppers and fruit: blackberries, cherries, holly berries, and strawberries.


  • Nests are built in shrubs or small trees. They are constructed with mud, grass, twigs, bark, straw, and occasionally garbage. Nests are around six inches wide and two inches in depth.



  • Catbirds are migratory. Their breeding range covers much of central and eastern United States and southern portions of Canada. They move to the southern states, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean in the winter. Catbirds are found year-round along the Atlantic coast of the United States.

2 thoughts on “Fauna of Saskatchewan 26

    1. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of many different birds. Most birds just raise the young cowbirds as their own. Catbirds are only ones known to remove the cowbird eggs.

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