Winter Workouts

Thanks to the great winter weather this January, I was able to get some hiking and snowshoeing done. In February, we had a ten-day stretch of very cold temperatures. Needless to say, I didn’t get out much during that time. Here are a few places I visited so far this winter:

Snowshoeing at Buffalo Pound. We covered nearly six kilometres through the trails Junkyard, Twister, and 1/4 Mile.

Snowshoeing in the city on a balmy January day (-2 C). There was decent snow south of Wascana Park.

Another snowshoeing adventure around Douglas Hill and the Habitat Conservation Area. It was a chilly -18 degrees (-30 with the wind). We bundled up and avoided the wind as much as possible.

Hiking at Wascana Trails in January. Six kilometres added to my goal.

I ventured out to White Butte in February. It was a bit disappointing as there is only one trail for snowshoers and hikers. The trail is exposed to the elements which on that day consisted of a -30 windchill.

Fairy Hill is a delightful place to snowshoe. The trail is six and half kilometres and features hills and fantastic views. We had the area pretty much to ourselves!

A hike around Douglas Park in late February. The temperature finally moderated after several days of extreme cold.


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