Fairy Hill

Fairy Hill is a protected area north of Regina. Nature Conservancy Canada owns this 1,600 acre parcel of land. The region includes grasslands, ravines, wetlands, bush, woods, and pasture. The trail section of Fairy Hill is located just east of Highway 6 before it descends into the Qu’Appelle Valley. The lollipop trail is about six kilometres in length and is easy to moderate. It has nine interpretive marker signs; however I have never found signs 7, 8, and 9. I assume they were damaged at some point and not replaced. There are hills, most significantly a short, steep climb between trail markers 5 and 6. I hiked the trail last September then snowshoed it this February. Here are some pictures of my adventures:

Old Highway 6

3 thoughts on “Fairy Hill

  1. That old Highway 6 photo is very enticing. I may look up the Fairy Hill Protected Area when I’m next in the Regina area. Question, do you know of a similar type area in southeast Saskatchewan near or not too far from Rocanville?

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