Gem Lakes

The Gem Lakes trail is a splendid adventure. The path is a moderate hike through evergreens and around six lakes. Although labelled as a 5.5 kilometre hike, we trekked about 7 kilometres exploring several spur lines and campsites. We spend a good three and half hours – stopping for numerous pictures and a snack break. The parking lot has about twenty parking spaces and was full when we arrived. Although there is no policy, most people hike the trail clockwise. The area has several campsites – I believe 11 total, an outhouse at the trailhead, and new green pit toilets located at Opal and Pearl Lakes. Despite its popularity and traffic the trail never seemed crowded.

Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddle boards, were activities we observed during our hike. The lakes are connected by short portages making it easy to visit each one by boat. In addition, it would be a great area to spend the day and picnic, beach, camp, or hammock at.

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