Cycling Summary

Another year of biking is in the books! Number of Rides: 51 Total Distance: 1,583.34 kilometres Total Time: 94 hours 52 minutes Longest Ride: 38.70 kilometres – September 9th Average Ride (distance): 31.05 kilometres Average Ride (time): 1 hour 51 minutes Average Speed: 17.80 kilometres Fastest Average Speed: 19.70 kilometres – August 21st Top Speed: 33.90 kilometres – April 25th Hottest Ride: 28 C – … Continue reading Cycling Summary

Proper Etiquette When Encountering a Bicyclist

When encountering a cyclist while driving in your vehicle there are a number of options. Feel free to try each one and select the one that best suits your driving style and needs: A. Slow down and follow behind the bicyclist. Tailgate the bike and do not attempt to pass even if the opportunity presents itself. B. Pull out to the left a minimum of … Continue reading Proper Etiquette When Encountering a Bicyclist