Pine Cree Regional Park

On a westward excursion last summer, I stayed a night at Pine Cree Regional Park. Nestled in a coulee fifteen miles northeast of Eastend, this park proves an ideal spot for peaceful camping. The Swift Current Creek flows through the park, accessible from most sites. Tall spruce and pine trees add to the beauty of the campground. This is the place to relax with a … Continue reading Pine Cree Regional Park

Snowshoes and Sunshine

In late December I purchased new snowshoes to get me outdoors and keep me active in the winter. So far I have been out a dozen times and logged nearly fifty kilometers of snowshoeing. Snowfall was below normal in January which limited where I could go. We received about 10 cm total in two snowfalls in February. Now we have just enough snow to enjoy … Continue reading Snowshoes and Sunshine

Waterfowl Park Display Ponds

On Monday morning I enjoyed a quiet stroll through the display ponds at Waterfowl Park. I was not disappointed. Pelicans, geese, mallards, robins, blackbirds, and sparrows treated me to their company. In fact after taking pictures a park worker came to feed the birds. I was able to walk right up to the pelicans who had hopes of me feeding them! Here is a small … Continue reading Waterfowl Park Display Ponds

Blustery Blizzard

I went for a stroll one evening last week. The wind was howling and snow flew in my face. I could tell by the scarce traffic that most people were hunkered at home preferring to escape the harsh winds. I myself prefer to be inside on nights like these as well. However, there are several reasons why I believe we should take time to experience such evenings: … Continue reading Blustery Blizzard


A couple months ago I wrote a post outlining my favourite childhood memories. All of the activities involved being outside, physically active, exposed to nature, and free to explore. There were no alibis from my parents to impede these activities. My mom often encouraged my brothers and I to get outside. (Although with four boys it was probably for her sanity). Today child obesity is … Continue reading Sheltered

E.F. Schumacher

Thirty-six years ago a brilliant man named Dr. Ernst Friedrich Schumacher died. He was a special economist who stood for environmental and humanitarian causes. His notable books include Good Work, Small is Beautiful, and A Guide for the Perplexed. His innovative ideas included intermediate (or appropriate) technology which suggests that solutions and new technologies should be simple, smaller, cheaper, and non-violent. “Buddhist economics” was another … Continue reading E.F. Schumacher