Fauna of Saskatchewan 20

Wood Duck (on the left) Aix sponsa Location: Wascana Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Regina, SK My friend and I came across a male wood duck swimming with a few mallards while snowshoeing in February. Saskatchewan is in breeding range for wood ducks; although it early for breeding and we did not see his partner. Interesting facts: – The wood duck is a perching duck; it … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 20

Snowshoes and Sunshine

In late December I purchased new snowshoes to get me outdoors and keep me active in the winter. So far I have been out a dozen times and logged nearly fifty kilometers of snowshoeing. Snowfall was below normal in January which limited where I could go. We received about 10 cm total in two snowfalls in February. Now we have just enough snow to enjoy … Continue reading Snowshoes and Sunshine

Fauna of Saskatchewan 19

American Bison Bison bison Location: Grasslands National Park (West Block)     Interesting facts: – Male bison may weigh up to 2,200 pounds; the largest mammal in North America. – Baby bison are known as “red dogs” because they are orangish red in colour in the first few months. – More people were injured by bisons than bears between 1980 and 1999 in Yellowstone National … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 19

Fauna of Saskatchewan 18

Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta Location: Devonian Islands, Regina       Interesting facts: – A male Western Meadowlark usually has two mates at the same time. – They are  a member of the blackbird family. – Meadowlarks feed by “gaping”. They push their bill into soil or bark, then force it open, creating a hole to access insects. – They will abandon nests if disturbed … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 18

Fauna of Saskatchewan 17

American White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Location: Wascana Waterfowl Display Ponds Interesting facts: – A baby pelican may eat up to 150 pounds of  fish before they are nine weeks old. – The plate or projection on the pelican’s bill is shed after the breeding season. – Pelicans never carry food in their bill pouches. – They have a wing span of 8 – 10 feet, … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 17

Fauna of Saskatchewan 16

American Wigeon (female) Anas americana Location: Wascana Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary Interesting facts: Originally known as Baldpate, as the white stripe on males mirrors a bald man’s head.   Wigeons will wait then snatch food away from diving birds returning to the surface with a meal.   Eats aquatic plants, insects, and mollusks at times   They are cautious birds and are frequently the first … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 16