Tangrams and Pentominoes

I am always looking for materials and ideas to improve the geometry area of my classroom. A few months ago I ordered tangrams and pentominoes for my students. I also came across a binder full of tangram and pentomino puzzles. Although not tradition Montessori materials theses puzzles meet the criteria of Montessori standards. They are tactile, designed to achieve a specific end, and are inviting. … Continue reading Tangrams and Pentominoes

Advanced Practical Life – Grinding Cinnamon

About two months ago I put out new advanced practical life work for my class. It involved grinding cinnamon using a mortar and pestle. This coincided with the telling of the Third Great Lesson – The Coming of Humans. In this narrative children learn how early humans prepared ingredients and food using mortar and pestles. Students took a half a stick of cinnamon, crushed, and … Continue reading Advanced Practical Life – Grinding Cinnamon

AMS 2014 Annual Conference

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity of attending the American Montessori Society’s Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas. I took in several workshops and listened to a few guest speakers. I learned more about the Montessori philosophy, management strategies, organizational skills, and other valuable information. It would be difficult to pick the “best” thing I experienced. Instead I will list quotations and ideas that … Continue reading AMS 2014 Annual Conference

What Does Canadian Money and Montessori Have in Common?

The last time I visited the United States I had difficulty finding the correct bill I needed for my purchase. I would have to pull out a wad of bills, flip through them to find the $20 bill I required. (It also discouraged me – most of the bills in my stack were only ones). I was so accustomed to coloured Canadian bills, that I … Continue reading What Does Canadian Money and Montessori Have in Common?