The Discovery of the Child

This summer I re-read Dr. Maria Montessori’s book The Discovery of the Child. She discusses the history of her educational method, movement and education, lessons, writing and speech, and more. In honour of her birthday I am posting my favourite quotations and concepts: “No one who has ever done anything really great or successful has ever done it simply because he was attracted by what … Continue reading The Discovery of the Child

Maria Montessori Day 2020

Today marks the 150th birthday of Dr. Maria Montessori. She was born in Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870. Montessori obtained her doctor of medicine in 1896. Dr. Montessori turned her attention to assisting children with special needs. This training emphasized a holistic approach to teaching students. Dr. Montessori observed their psychology, anatomy, and behaviour. She designed instruction and materials to help children learn. In 1907 she … Continue reading Maria Montessori Day 2020

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

I recently finished Linda Akeson McGurk’s There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather. McGurk compares the cultural practices of raising children in her home country Sweden to the United States. She discusses many issues including maternity leave, environmental stewardship, technology, natural play, childhood freedom and much more. My review will focus on three categories: nature, play, and independence. Nature Nature and fresh air can be … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

The Absorbent Mind

  I recently re-read Maria Montessori’s The Absorbent Mind. Published just a few years before her death, it is arguably one her most quoted books. The observations she made in child psychology and education were ahead of her time. Here are my top take-aways from the book: …”[W]e discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process … Continue reading The Absorbent Mind

10 Year Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that I began my blog this week ten years ago! I started my site on Blogspot for nearly two years before switching to my current WordPress blog. To commemorate this occasion I am listing my top twelve personal favourite posts from the past decade! I was hoping to narrow it down to ten, but with no luck. My favorite posts … Continue reading 10 Year Anniversary!

Human Rights Passport

Every year around December 10th I introduce my students to the concept of human rights. This is the day the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The Declaration is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year! Children are aware of some human rights such as the right to belong or have a family, go to school, own a house or possessions, … Continue reading Human Rights Passport

Advanced Practical Life – Weight Scale

I am always on the look out for new practical life ideas for my students. Discovering a weight scale among my classroom belongings, I knew I wanted to set it out for the children. Over the summer I made cards listing objects students could weigh. I wanted items that would register on the scale, yet not be too heavy for the students to carry. Putting … Continue reading Advanced Practical Life – Weight Scale

Maria Montessori Day 2018

In honour of Dr. Maria Montessori’s birthday I am posting my top ten favourite quotes of hers: “Education is the best weapon for peace.” – Education and Peace, 1949 “Prizes and punishments are…the bench of the soul, the instrument of slavery for the spirit…he who accomplishes a truly human work, he who does something really great and victorious, is never spurred by his task by … Continue reading Maria Montessori Day 2018