Travel Bucket List – Saskatchewan

This is the last post in my travel bucket series. My top places still to visit in my home province follow: Candle Lake Provincial Park Great Sand Hills Grey Owl’s Cabin Manitou Beach Ness Creek Music Festival Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary/Wildlife Area Lac La Longe Provincial Park Ghost Towns Robertson Falls Hudson Bay Area – Wildcat Hill and Porcupine Hills Provincial Parks Continue reading Travel Bucket List – Saskatchewan

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Last week I explored beautiful Narrow Hills Provincial Park. We camped at Lower Fishing Lake Campground which has several amenities within a 5-10 minute walk. There is a store, boat rentals, group camping, flush outhouses, beach, and service centre. Most sites are open (not private), however we lucked out with a great spot. The park also has satellite campsites at Baldy, Ispuchaw, and Zeden Lakes. … Continue reading Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Meadow Lake Provincial Park

This summer I crossed off Meadow Lake Provincial Park from my Saskatchewan bucket list. We spent four nights at the park in July. Kimball Lake “C” Campground – a ten-minute walk from the beach, but quiet Kimball Lake was our base, although the park has several campgrounds. This campground has welcoming campsites, modern shower facilities, a great, sandy beach, and a couple trail heads. We … Continue reading Meadow Lake Provincial Park

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

I recently finished Linda Akeson McGurk’s There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather. McGurk compares the cultural practices of raising children in her home country Sweden to the United States. She discusses many issues including maternity leave, environmental stewardship, technology, natural play, childhood freedom and much more. My review will focus on three categories: nature, play, and independence. Nature Nature and fresh air can be … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Waterfall Wednesday

I visited Multnomah Falls in April of 2018. It is the tallest waterfall in Oregon at 620 feet. Over two million people come to the falls making it the most visited natural attraction in the northwestern United States. The waterfall is fed by underground springs. By the 1880s a bridge was constructed at its present position and trains provided a stop at Multnomah Falls for … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday

10 Year Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that I began my blog this week ten years ago! I started my site on Blogspot for nearly two years before switching to my current WordPress blog. To commemorate this occasion I am listing my top twelve personal favourite posts from the past decade! I was hoping to narrow it down to ten, but with no luck. My favorite posts … Continue reading 10 Year Anniversary!

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

In a valley along the Milk River in Alberta is a collection of hoodoos and petroglyphs preserved as Aisinai’pi National Historic Site (Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park). The area was settled by First Nations, mainly the Blackfoot, 9,000 years ago. The region is sacred to the Blackfoot who believed the hoodoos were home to powerful spirits. There are hundreds of pictographs and other art on the rocks … Continue reading Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park