Dummer, Saskatchewan

Dummer is named after a township in Peterborough county in Ontario. Settlers arrived in the area around 1903 – 1904. The first post office was built six miles east in 1905. In 1912 a post office was constructed in Dummer. From 1911 to 1913 many businesses opened. Three elevators were built as the railroad came through town in 1911. One burnt in 1924 and was … Continue reading Dummer, Saskatchewan

Waterfowl Park Display Ponds

On Monday morning I enjoyed a quiet stroll through the display ponds at Waterfowl Park. I was not disappointed. Pelicans, geese, mallards, robins, blackbirds, and sparrows treated me to their company. In fact after taking pictures a park worker came to feed the birds. I was able to walk right up to the pelicans who had hopes of me feeding them! Here is a small … Continue reading Waterfowl Park Display Ponds

Mount Joy School

I stopped by Mount Joy School while touring the area northwest of Ogema a couple years ago. It was designed by a contractor from Ogema, ironically named Mr. Class. Built by stonemason G. Stothers and a few farmers in the area, the school opened in October 1912. It hosted grades 1-8 and had twenty-four students when it first opened. It featured a full basement, furnace, … Continue reading Mount Joy School

Fauna of Saskatchewan 14

Ross’s Goose* Chen rossii Location: Waterfowl Park, Regina Interesting facts: – The species was first discovered by Samuel Hearne, and Arctic explorer, around 1770-1. – Breeds in the tundra of the Canadian Arctic. This was not known until the 1940s. – Ross’s geese feed on grasses and grains. – Down on young can be yellow or gray, but indistinguishable when they get older.   * … Continue reading Fauna of Saskatchewan 14

Neidpath, Saskatchewan

Neidpath was settled around 1909 when the first post office was established at John Mitchell’s farm. It was moved to the village in 1924. The hamlet is named after Neidpath Castle in Scotland. Canadian National laid the railway in 1924 and abandoned it by 1958. There were four or five elevators in the 1920s. Today only two remain in the hamlet. A school was built … Continue reading Neidpath, Saskatchewan

Regina Warehouse District

Last weekend I participated in the annual Jane’s Walk. The first walk I attended toured part of the Warehouse district between 6th and 7th Avenues and Broad and Osler Streets. Many of the buildings in the area featured Chicago-style architecture. This style includes steel-framed walls, interior pillars, and large windows. We began in what is now the Broadstone Plaza home to several businesses on the … Continue reading Regina Warehouse District