10 Year Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that I began my blog this week ten years ago! I started my site on Blogspot for nearly two years before switching to my current WordPress blog. To commemorate this occasion I am listing my top twelve personal favourite posts from the past decade! I was hoping to narrow it down to ten, but with no luck. My favorite posts … Continue reading 10 Year Anniversary!

Waterton Lakes National Park

This summer I ventured out to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. Although the park experienced a major fire in 2017, it definitely still worth a visit. Here are a few recommended activities and tips: Biking We biked two trails during our visit. The Kootenai Brown trail is a easy eight kilometer pathway to the park entrance. There were several sightseeing points – Driftwood Beach, … Continue reading Waterton Lakes National Park

Smith Tower

I love tall buildings and high viewpoints. Wherever I go I am attracted to skyscrapers and elevated vantage points. During my travel to Seattle last April I visited the iconic Smith Tower. Although the Columbia Center is far taller, the Smith Tower offers an exterior view and history. The skyscraper was designed by the Gaggin and Gaggin architectural company from New York City. Construction started … Continue reading Smith Tower

Forest Park

A year ago I was hiking through spectacular Forest Park in Portland, Oregon. I was amazed at the beautiful green scenery, tall trees, and stillness. I traveled along the Lower Macleay Trail to the Stone House. Many photos later, I followed Wildwood Trail north for about a mile. Then, retracing my steps, I headed south to Pittock Mansion. In the 1850s construction of houses was … Continue reading Forest Park

Portland Japanese Garden

A few weeks ago I visited Portland, Oregon. Intrigued by the Japanese Garden, I went there my first afternoon in the city. It did not disappoint. The scenery was amazing and set around tall redwoods, scenes missing from my prairie home. A Japanese Garden is a landscape garden, designed as place of reflection and meditation. Typically it includes the following elements – water, bridge, rocks, … Continue reading Portland Japanese Garden

Grasslands National Park – East Block

This October I traveled to the East Block of Grasslands National Park. The weather was beautiful. The first day was windy and 7°C. We checked into our Otentik then hiked Rock Creek Trail to get a sense of the park. Later we drove to the Badlands Viewpoint area about ten miles south. Zahursky Point was our original destination. However we wanted to take advantage of … Continue reading Grasslands National Park – East Block