Top 5 Horror Movies

Every October, my friends and I watch several horror movies to celebrate the Halloween season. This was initiated by my brother Jonathan several years ago. While we have screened many films over the years, here are my top five favourites in no particular order: The Thing (1982) Ringu (1998) Babadook (2014) The Shining (1980) The Exorcist (1973) Feel free to comment on your favourite horror … Continue reading Top 5 Horror Movies

Jedburgh, Saskatchewan

Jedburgh was first settled by Scottish and Ukrainian immigrants in the early 1900s. The post office was established 5 miles southwest of the town and named after the first mailman’s birthplace in Scotland, Jedburgh. In 1928 CN built a railroad through the town and subsequently the post office was moved to the village giving it its name. Soon four elevators were built and a one … Continue reading Jedburgh, Saskatchewan

Five Alarm Funk Concert Review

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This last Tuesday I had the opportunity to watch Five Alarm Funk perform at O’Hanlon’s. The band consists of ten members playing a wide range of instruments including guitars, trombone, congas, drums, trumpet, timbales, saxophone, and bass. The crew crammed on the small stage around 11pm and it was immediately evident the patrons were in for a stupendous night. Bursting out… Continue reading Five Alarm Funk Concert Review

Permits for Truck Ownership?

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Here on the prairies there is an abundance of trucks on the roads. I have often questioned why people who choose trucks think they need a truck as a form of transportation.  Now I understand that given our economy some people may need a truck for their job or perhaps for their lifestyle. However I feel that 30%+ of truck ownership could easily be eliminated.  I believe there should… Continue reading Permits for Truck Ownership?

WHY Watch TV News?

In 1992, Neil Postman and Steve Powers co-wrote a book entitled How to Watch TV News. Their aim was to inform people that the news is constructed, biased, irrelevant, and unreliable. The book educated people on what techniques should be employed when watching news shows. While their views are probably more relevant today, I believe that the real question today is WHY should we watch … Continue reading WHY Watch TV News?