Fifteen Years of Freedom

On June 24th, 2003 I sat down to write my first Amnesty International appeal letter. It was addressed to the Canadian government about the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. I received a reply to this letter from the Minister for International Cooperation at the time. I had been acquainted with the movement earlier that spring in an education class. Our professor had invited the community AI … Continue reading Fifteen Years of Freedom

Summerberry, Saskatchewan

The Summerberry region was named by local First Nations owing to the plentiful berry bushes found in the area. Migrating natives often stopped here in the summer to collect berries which were very important in supplementing their diet. Non-natives first settled this region in the early 1880s. The rail line was built through the settlement in 1882. The original stone United church was constructed in … Continue reading Summerberry, Saskatchewan

Pine Cree Regional Park

On a westward excursion last summer, I stayed a night at Pine Cree Regional Park. Nestled in a coulee fifteen miles northeast of Eastend, this park proves an ideal spot for peaceful camping. The Swift Current Creek flows through the park, accessible from most sites. Tall spruce and pine trees add to the beauty of the campground. This is the place to relax with a … Continue reading Pine Cree Regional Park

Portland Japanese Garden

A few weeks ago I visited Portland, Oregon. Intrigued by the Japanese Garden, I went there my first afternoon in the city. It did not disappoint. The scenery was amazing and set around tall redwoods, scenes missing from my prairie home. A Japanese Garden is a landscape garden, designed as place of reflection and meditation. Typically it includes the following elements – water, bridge, rocks, … Continue reading Portland Japanese Garden