Write for Rights 2021

Amnesty International’s annual December 10th Write for Rights event is fast approaching. Every year thousands of groups and individuals write letters to governments demanding justice. They may seek the release of prisoners of conscience, advocate refugee and migrant rights, urge legislative changes, or request protection for human rights defenders. Ten prominent human right cases are featured by Amnesty International each December. This year’s actions can … Continue reading Write for Rights 2021

Write for Rights 2020

December 10th marks Human Rights Day, the day celebrating the United Nation’s proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. In honour of this day, Amnesty International holds a letter writing blitz known as Write for Rights. The organization highlights ten individuals or communities who are at high risk of human rights abuse. Hundreds of thousands of people then write letters to government … Continue reading Write for Rights 2020

Amnesty Update 2019

Here is my yearly update on the appeal letters I have produced since joining Amnesty International in 2003. Letters written: 700 (year end projection) Years Involved: 17 Average letters per year: 41 Most letters written in one year: 72 (2005) Countries written to: 140 Replies received: 15 Prisoners released: 98 Other actions taken: 33 Top five countries: Canada 60, USA 28, China 23, Colombia 19, … Continue reading Amnesty Update 2019

Human Rights Passport

Every year around December 10th I introduce my students to the concept of human rights. This is the day the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The Declaration is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year! Children are aware of some human rights such as the right to belong or have a family, go to school, own a house or possessions, … Continue reading Human Rights Passport

Fifteen Years of Freedom

On June 24th, 2003 I sat down to write my first Amnesty International appeal letter. It was addressed to the Canadian government about the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. I received a reply to this letter from the Minister for International Cooperation at the time. I had been acquainted with the movement earlier that spring in an education class. Our professor had invited the community AI … Continue reading Fifteen Years of Freedom

500 Amnesty Letters

This week I wrote my 500th Amnesty International appeal letter. I have been writing letters for the past twelve and a half years. Here is some data on distribution and impact.: I have written to 122 countries. The top sixteen countries are as follows: I have received 15 replies in response to my letters. 67 prisoners of conscience have been released and 28 other actions … Continue reading 500 Amnesty Letters

Human Rights Day 2014

December 10th is recognized as Human Rights Day as it was on this day in 1948 that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations. During this time, Amnesty International members and supporters participate in a massive letter writing event called “Write for Rights”. Last year 2.3 MILLION letters were sent to various governments asking that human rights are respected. There … Continue reading Human Rights Day 2014

Human Rights Day 2013 – Amnesty Catch-Up

Every December 10th we celebrate Human Rights Day in honour of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was adopted by the United Nations on December 10th, 1948 and outlines thirty rights guaranteed to every human being on the planet. Annually on this day, Amnesty International members and the general public engage in a worldwide letter-writing campaign known as “Write for Rights“. … Continue reading Human Rights Day 2013 – Amnesty Catch-Up

Amnesty Milestones

On June 24th, 2003 I sat down to write my first appeal letter for Amnesty International. This week – eight and half years later – I wrote my 300th letter for Amnesty International. I also reached another milestone. I have written letters to one hundred different countries across the globe. I have collected some data on the affects of my letter writing: 34 Prisoners of Conscience … Continue reading Amnesty Milestones