2022 Reading List

My favorite time of the year; selecting new books to read! I enjoy my reading setup as it allows me to advance seamlessly onto the next book. I diversify my reading list by including books in the following categories: Classic Indigenous Nonfiction – history, nature, education, war, science Juvenile/Young Adult Fantasy Biography/Memoir Horror Fiction Every year I come across a book to add to my … Continue reading 2022 Reading List

Top Five Reads of 2021

My top rated books of this year are: An interesting take on the apocalypse from an Aboriginal perspective. I feel there was more potential; some themes and plot lines could have been expanded. Nonetheless I did appreciate this book. Somewhat predictable, but a good read about what matters most in life. Frankenstein was surprisingly entertaining for me. It was suspenseful and engaging. Forget every reference … Continue reading Top Five Reads of 2021

Recommended Reading

Hello readers! I have included another page, entitled Book Recommendations, on my blog. It is divided into Non-fiction, Fiction, and Biography/Memoir. My top-rated books have been added to each section. Lists will be updated as I read notable books or remember previous favourite reads. More categories maybe added in the future. Feel free to comment with books you have enjoyed or books you believe I … Continue reading Recommended Reading

Favourite Books of 2019

I completed my to read list for the year a bit early this year. Here are my favourites books of 2019: I was a bit apprehensive prior to reading this book. Books discussing challenging issues are often difficult to read. They are taxing on your emotions. Wagamese tackles the affects of residential schools from a different approach. Using a “ficticious” character he weaves in history, … Continue reading Favourite Books of 2019

10 Year Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that I began my blog this week ten years ago! I started my site on Blogspot for nearly two years before switching to my current WordPress blog. To commemorate this occasion I am listing my top twelve personal favourite posts from the past decade! I was hoping to narrow it down to ten, but with no luck. My favorite posts … Continue reading 10 Year Anniversary!