St. John’s Lutheran Church

St. John’s Lutheran Church is located ten kilometres southwest of Edenwold. The original church on this site was built in 1891. The cemetery dates back to the same year. Seventeen families made up the initial congregation. By the 1910s, the population of Edenwold had grown and the residents requested a church located within the town. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church began serving Edenwold, while St. John’s … Continue reading St. John’s Lutheran Church

St. Thomas Anglican Church

St. Thomas Anglican Church is located seven kilometres northeast of McLean, Saskatchewan. Sir William Vernon, who lived in England, donated five acres of land for the church and cemetery. Vernon was a cousin of local resident, W.G. Cooper. Construction began in the summer of 1898 at a cost of approximately two thousand dollars. Around sixty percent was raised by donations and grants, while the congregation … Continue reading St. Thomas Anglican Church

Kenlis, Saskatchewan

The Kenlis area was first settled in 1882. A post office was established by Mr. Ferguson around 1885. There are two stories how Kenlis received its name. The first suggests that the postmaster choose the name “Kenlis”. The other states there was a civil servant in the area whose last name was Kenlis. A map of Kenlis prior to 1905. The remaining church is on … Continue reading Kenlis, Saskatchewan


A couple years ago I ventured out towards Abernethy to visit a couple of old stone buildings. The first was the “Old Stone Church” a few kilometres southwest of the village. This Presbyterian church was built in 1892 by volunteers including the reverend, Alex Robson, and Adam Cantelon both stone masons. James Dick helped gather stones and gravel for the construction. The three acre lot … Continue reading Fieldstone

Bekevar Church

I love this church – not many double spire churches in Saskatchewan! The Bekevar community was first settled by Janos Szabo and his family from Botragy, Hungary in 1900. Around 1902 he coined the word Bekevar. Beke, in Magyar, means “peace” and when “var” is used as a noun Bekevar means “Fortress of Peace”. Szabo suggested the verb “var” and interpreted Bekevar to mean “peace … Continue reading Bekevar Church

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, just south of Langbank, was built in 1938 by Charles Parker. He was a stonemason originally from Ontario. The church’s Norman design was based on his mother’s Scottish roots. It features a single square tower and small apse. The building committee had no funds to work with and stone was easily come by. The labour of transporting the stones was done … Continue reading St. Paul’s Anglican Church